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KRB Shop Configurator 2.0

KRB first launched its Shop Configuration 1.0 in 2011. Built on Flash technology, the tool allowed our associates and customers to quickly sketch a custom sized floor plan with KRB Rebar Fabrication Equipment. KRB Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders, Shearlines, Automatic Stirrup Benders could be placed and rotated, and the drawings could be saved and recalled . The tool also allowed the drawing to be vector based for precise resolution at any size. With the discontinuation on Flash in the browser effective December of 2020, KRB has launches the Shop Configurator 2.0. Built on today's web technology, this tool allows registered users to do all the same things in version 1.0 and still delivers a vector based image for crisp clear sketches.

This interactive workshop explored how the new KRB Configurator 2.0 can work for you. 

The session covered:
Setting up your account
Creating a shop diagram
Saving and recalling drawings
Tips and Tricks

To get a RECORDING and an EBOOK on how to use the KRB Shop Configurator 2.0 CLICK HERE.