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KRB Holds Webinar on KRB Tech tools

KRB hosts a webinar on August 11, 2021, to demonstrate the new Tech Tools app, available for iOS and Android devices. The free app is one of the first in the industry and was designed with KRB customers in mind. Once the app is downloaded and the user signs up, access to KRB manuals is instantly granted.

Users can search for a particular manual or product number, pull up drawings, and zoom in, all from a mobile device. The app offers various product categories to browse through such as auto bar benders, shears, and stirrup benders. Users can also customize the app to their needs. By clicking the ‘favorites” icon, the manuals of the customer’s choosing are prioritized in a ‘favorites’ tab. Individual topics can also be saved for quick reference in the future.

Todd Falk, marketing manager, demonstrates the various features mentioned above, as well as other benefits, during the webinar. Throughout the session Todd will show the tips and tricks of the new KRB Tech Tools app. He will even show how easy it is to find a part and order it through KRB’s online store.