Rebar Fabrication Resources for rebar bending, rebar cutting, shearlines and automatic stirrup benders

KRB Online Service Center Content Library

KRB has long had our Online Service Center. A customer portal that allows KRB owners to login and access manuals, pm sheets, operation and troubleshooting videos, order parts online and more.

KRB believes it has amassed the largest library of content of table bender, automatic stirrup benders, auto bar benders, rebar shearlines and rebar shear content of any equipment manufacturer anywhere it the world. KRB wants to be your go to resource for rebar fabrication equipment. So, what can you find on KRB’s online service center?

Parts Online
Search for common replacement parts online. Add to a cart and place your order. A picture and description make it easier to make sure you are getting the right part.

Equipment Manuals
Every current KRB machine and even many legacy machines equipment manuals can be found online at KRB’s Online Service Center. The navigation is organized by equipment type and model

Preventative Maintenance Sheets
Each model has its own preventative maintenance schedule that can be printed out laminated and kept by the machine.

Preventative Maintenance Videos
Most models have their own preventative maintenance video that steps you through when and where to perform preventative maintenance.

Electrical Trouble Shooting Sheets
These documents are invaluable in helping you drill down to the correct issue quickly. Our goal is to keep you up and running, and the more you can self-diagnose, the quicker you can get it fixed.

Operation and Trouble Shooting Videos
Short video clips of the basic operation, advanced operation, trouble shooting tips and maintenance tips are all arrange buy model type. Great for refreshers in high turnover positions, and available anytime 24/7 with an internet connection.

Installation Prep Sheets
If you are waiting for a new piece of KRB equipment. Make sure you are prepared with what you will need for the installation.

Shearline Flow Drawings
Both Shearline and Miniline in all available lengths and configurations are available to make sure you have the space you need to put the best shearlines in the world in your shop.

Safety Best Practices
Download an extensive whitepaper of safety tips we have compiled from some of the largest fabricators on the globe.

Access to Manual Application
KRB has condensed all its manuals into a mobile app available for download on apple and android devices.

Shop Configurator
KRB has developed a shop configurator that allows you to create shop layouts with KRB equipment. Save, reload, and export your drawings in light weight .png or super crisp .svg files.

KRB Webinar Series
KRB is always trying to provide relevant content for our customers. The KRB Webinar series is always available on our Online Service Center as well as our YouTube channels, 24/7.